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'Socio-Economics of Forest Use in the Tropics and Subtropics'


SEFUT Working Papers

WP 16

Contested Rights of Local Communities and Indigenous Peoples in the context of the Biocultural Turn in Environment and Development Discourses

Reiner Buergin (December 2013).

WP 15

Potential of Ecotourism Development in the Lake Bosumtwi Basin: A Case Study of Ankaase in the Amansie East District, Ghana

Siddharth Prakash, Paul Wieringa, Barry Ros, Eline Poels, Freda Saah Boateng, Benjamin Apraku Gyampoh, Fafanyo Asiseh (May 2005).

WP 14

Los efectos del conocimiento forestal en la política forestal venezolana

Christoph Aicher (April 2005).

WP 13

Das forsttechnische Wissen und seine politischen Wirkungen in Venezuela

Christoph Aicher (Dezember 2004).

WP 12

Mythos informeller Bergbau

Barbara Schneider (Dezember 2002).

WP 11

Change and Identity in Pwo Karen Communities in Thung Yai Naresuan Wildlife Sanctuary, a 'Global Heritage' in Western Thailand

Reiner Buergin (September 2002).

WP 10

Die story line des 'Hölzern-Industriellen Komplexes'. Methodologisches Beispiel einer
diskursanalytischen Untersuchung zur venezolanischen Forstpolitik

Christoph Aicher (Oktober 2002).

WP 09

Contested Heritages: Disputes on People, Forest, and a World Heritage Site in Globalizing Thailand

Reiner Buergin (August 2001).

WP 08

Utilization of Floodplain Vegetation in Northeastern Thailand: Compilation of Survey Results from Ban Pak Yam, a Village in the Songkhram River Basin

Verena Brenner (August 2003).

WP 07

'Hilltribes' und Wälder: Minderheitenpolitik und Ressourcenkonflikte in Thailand

Reiner Buergin (February 2000).

'Hill Tribes' and Forests: Minority Policies and Resource Conflicts in Thailand

(English version, July 2000).

WP 06

Das Janusgesicht der Zivilgesellschaft: Demokratisierung und Widerstand im thailändischen Umweltdiskurs

Reiner Buergin, Christl Kessler (Dezember 1999).

WP 05

Bosques secundarios: Perspectivas sobre un recurso ignorado, Estado Sucre - Venezuela

Argelia Silva, Alexis Valqui Haase, Martin Lux (Octubre 1998).

WP 04

State Resource Politics in the Realm of Crisis: The Forest Reserve Imataca under Dispute

Barbara Müller, Martina Grimmig, Christoph Aicher (October 1998).

WP 03

Thailand's Community Forest Bill: U-Turn or Roundabout in Forest Policy?

Verena Brenner, Reiner Buergin, Christl Kessler, Oliver Pye, Rainer Schwarzmeier, Rolf-Dieter Sprung (January 1999).

WP 02

The Imataca Forest Reserve: Golden Future for Venezuela's South-East?

Christoph Aicher, Martina Grimmig, Barbara Müller (January 1998).

WP 01

Research Projects in the DFG Graduate College Socio-Economics of Forest Use in the Tropics and Subtropics (October 1998).



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